Just Us! Partners with Small Producers


Our buying season for 2012 is over.

In June we will be releasing a series of new coffees, one of which will be the re-introduction of Wisdom of the Mountains, a coffee coming from UCIRI Co-op in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This is a very exciting re-launch for us, as it will be the first time Just Us! will be using the Small Producers Symbol, certified by FUNDEPPO,  in place of the Fair Trade Canada symbol.  

The Small Producers Symbol is a distinction that identifies organized small producers in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that permits consumers to recognize their products on the market. The symbol represents the high quality of products from organized small producers, based on their work to promote dignified living in their communities, local economies, and the health and environment of producers and consumers.

This is a particularly exciting time for us because the UCIRI co-op is where it all began.  UCIRI was one of the founding Fair Trade co-ops, and supplied our first shipment of coffee 15 years ago.  Since then we have developed a strong relationship with them based on good business and visits back and forth.  The Small Producers Symbol says so much about the partnership between Just Us!, UCIRI and our customers.  It is generally recognized that small scale organic farms are the most efficient, environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach to agriculture. Our support for this symbol demonstrates a clear and growing commitment to the future development of sustainable and equitable agriculture locally and globally.

Right now, three Just Us! employees are in Portland, Oregon at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) conference, showing our commitment to small producers and to quality coffee.  Tomorrow, Saturday April 21st, co-founders Deb and Jeff along with our Director of Coffee, Joey, will introduceWisdom of the Mountains for the first time to FUNDEPPO’s board and committee members.  

To get you excited about the launch of this new coffee, and the Small Producer Symbol, we’re giving samples! We have twenty-five 2oz bags to give away to the first 25 people who come into our Grand Pre location and say our “code word” which can be found on our UCIRI profile page!

Good luck!