Just Us! Travels

Last week, coffee consultant Tracy Allen and our Director of Coffee, Austin Anderson traveled to El Salvador and Honduras to visit producers and co-ops. The coffee harvest was in full-swing and it was very inspiring to gain a further appreciation for the people, hard work, dedication and processes that are involved in specialty coffee production. They visited many farms, processing facilities and drying patios. They were also invited to cup new crop micro-lots with farmers in both origins. Austin learned lots touring and cupping with Tracy as he is quickly able to attribute qualities in the cup to specific farming and processing practices that they witnessed in their travels.They gave very constructive feedback to our co-op partners in Honduras and  hope that we will see the results in the quality of coffee that is delivered this Spring. We are also about to receive samples from the harvest in El Salvador and if everything works out, this will be the first year that we source coffees from this origin. The interactions in both countries also taught Austin about specific co-operative development accomplishments and challenges for producers.