With our own two hands

The world is a big place and modern life has exposed us to unlimited injustices across its amazing surface. People and nature face a degraded existence at the (unseen) hand of the so-called free market that consolidates the wealth of elite big banking & big business families & investors. The only way to overcome the oligarchies, banks and trans-national corporations is to have a common movement of the people to re-establish democratic, community-based production & development. Still, as individuals we cannot take on all the issues of our times. Just as people should not try to rule the world, it is also a ridiculous notion to save the world. Anyone that tries to take on the world seeks too much power and this will ultimately lead to corruption. We can see this happening in the fair trade movement, as individuals look to change the nature of a simple concept of fair market access for small-scale farmers into a global brand that will benefit them and their organizations, such as we have seen done by Fair Trade USA. Fair trade was created by farmers for the future of their families and livelihoods and it is being stolen under the guise of corporations doing good in the world through charity for poor farmers. We can all make the world a better place by working with our own two hands. It starts with our relationships with our families, friends, co-workers, communities, business partners, the land, sky, sea and animals. Even within the context of global trade, the most important thing that we can do is to have positive & open relationships with the farmers that we trade with. We need to continue to find our commonality as decent humans within the context of trade and approach life with a contagious lightness & compassion that could ultimately heal our planet.