The Big Announcement
21 Apr '15

We have a big announcement to make. We’ve been working on a top-secret project for well over a year and we’re so excited to finally share the results with you!

It’s been a grueling (we actually can’t believe how much hard work was involved) process that has taken great attention to detail and consideration of who we are and the values we want to represent.

Enough already! What’s the announcement?!

Here goes:



WHEN: April 27, 2015 we begin packing and shipping our coffee in the new bags.


  • Our bags will be shaped differently with a block bottom and four sides.
  • The design will reflect our new (actually its three years old now) brand look.
  • Our products will be divided into two main product lines:
    • Regular Line (the brown bags): This includes most of the coffee products you know us for with a few changed product names and two discontinued products. This line will be broken into Blends, Single Origins, a Premium sub-categories.
    • Limited Release Line (the burgundy bag): This is a completely our newish line of products that are only available seasonally. Tarrazu Honey and Kaffa Oromia may be some familiar product names that you will find in this category.
  • The bags no longer include the zipper closure.

WHERE: Everywhere but it may take some time for stores and cafes to move through our older bags.


To keep things fresh! Change is good. Besides, we’re turning 20 this year… isn’t it time we changed our look? Nobody wants to wear the same outfit for decades! From a practical standpoint, our new bags stand up better, take up less space in your cupboard and will help you, our beloved customers, easily differentiate between product lines. You’ll also notice a very obvious difference between our whole bean and ground bags which should reduce unfortunate mix ups like waking up on a Saturday morning and attempting to make coffee only to discover you accidentally picked up a bag of whole bean instead of ground and don’t own a grinder.


Basically, you asked and we’ve listened. You told us there were problems with our bags and we’ve done the best we can to address the concerns we’ve heard over the years.