1. Dial-in a very fine grind – we target 20% extraction of the beans into our espresso and the fineness of the grind plays a key role in this. Over and under extraction cause off-flavours like sourness and astringency.

2. Pre-heat a cup with hot water

3. Clean and dry the portafilter basket

4. Empty any existing grinds in grinder chamber

5. Fresh grind coffee and dose into the basket

6. Tap the portafilter on a counter to settle the grinds, evenly distribute them with your finger and tamp at 30-40lbs of pressure (or auto-tamp). It is very important to evenly tamp with proper pressure because water is being forced through the espresso machine with about 135lbs of pressure. Water is lazy and always takes the easy way out and we want it to extract the grinds in the basket evenly, so we need a perfectly packed puck.

7. Dump any random loose grinds from the basket and wipe portafilter rim & ears clean

8. Purge and pre-heat group head

9. Insert portafilter and time the brew for 25-30 seconds, stop before the onset of blonding

10. Will yield 1.5 to 2 fluid ounces of beautiful espresso with a deep red-brown speckled layer of crema