Dr. Vandana Shiva Visits the Valley!

One of the world's most progressive thinkers will visit the Annapolis Valley on February 24 to talk about the future of food. 

Vandana Shiva, is a physicist, environmental activist and author. Shiva, currently based in Delhi, is author of over 300 papers in leading scientific and technical journals.Shiva participated in the nonviolent Chipko movement during the 1970s. The movement, whose main participants were women, adopted the tactic of hugging trees to prevent their felling. She is one of the leaders of the International Forum on Globalization,  and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement. She has argued for the wisdom of many traditional practices, as is evident from her interview in the book Vedic Ecology (by Ranchor Prime) that draws upon India's Vedic heritage.
Dr. Shiva's visit to the Valley will include 5 stops on Friday February 24th, with her first stop being Just Us! Grand Pre location!
This event is open to everyone, so make sure you stop by our cafe to meet this insparational woman.

Schedule of Events:

10:00am -  Visit to Just Us! in Grand Pre
12:00pm -  Tour farms and region
2:30pm   -  Valley Sustainability Showcase as the Wolfville Farmers Market
5:00pm   -  Fundraising Dinner at the Tempest, Wolfville
7:00pm   - The Futre of our Food: Community and Culture,  Horton High School   (Adults $25 STudents $5)
For more information check out the events facebook page.