Oro Verde, Peru


Oro Verde is a cooperative whose members produce certified organic (Bio Latina) and Fair Trade (FLOCERT) cocoa and coffee for domestic sale and export to North America, Central Europe and Korea. The Cooperative includes 1080 member families located within the Andean Amazon Region of Peru. About 55% of the members are descendants of the local Chankas and Awajun indigenous groups, and the other 45% are settlers who migrated to this part of the Andean Amazon during different stages of Peru's history.  The first to arrive were the Spanish colonists, and subsequent migration waves brought families from the Andes and Peruvian coast, especially during the boom in the 1900’s after the eradication of illicit crops.  Currently these families are completely dedicated to the production of coffee and cocoa.

In 1999, 56 coffee producing families formed the Oro Verde Cooperative. Since then Oro Verde has grown into is a modern social enterprise working in harmonious balance between its social and economic objectives to be a leader in specialty coffees, cacao and other value-added products.  Oro Verde is a professional, competitive and efficient business that operates in an environment of good governance and ethical conduct under the leadership of board members who provide quality business proposals.  Oro Verde has the capacity to achieve its goals and continuously seeks a balance between management and results.


Location: Lamas, San Martin, Peru

members: 1080

Employees: 50

Website: http://www.oroverde.com.pe

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oroverde.peru

Products: Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee and cocao, Ecosystem services

Volume: 25,000 Quintals of coffee/100 pounds each and 5,000 sacks of cocao/60 kilos each