Our Purpose

People and the Planet before Profits

We are a worker co-operative that contributes to a sane world where peoples' needs and the wellbeing of our planet are put before greed.

Building on our success, we continue to foster a more democratic workplace and supply chain, where everyone can participate and benefit.   This is an important struggle that will take commitment on everyone’s part.

Our efforts are focused on small-scale sustainable agriculture working towards healthy communities and a healthy world. Through our fair trade products and education, we promote awareness on development and trade issues, always looking for a way to be a vehicle for change.

Just Us! Values



“Our commitment goes way beyond just selling stuff.”

We do not go through the blood, sweat and tears of building a democratic workplace and supply chain just to have a job.  We want to be the “real deal” in everything we say and do. 


“To be a shining example of business – doing good for workers, farmers and the world”

The world needs true and participatory democracy in business, just as we do in politics.  Direct trade between co-operatives means a commerce system of products from the people, for the people. We don’t always know where our path will lead us, but we want to walk together and with others who are part of the struggle to create a better world. 

“We make the road by walking.” MYLES HORTON


“There is no them and us, just us!”

We do not believe in any form of discrimination. We want to create a place to learn, grow, respect and share diverse opinions or ideas with mutual trust and acceptance. This strengthens us to stand together against intolerance, exclusion and self-interest at the expense of others.


“Just Us! just came immediately to us and that was it.  There was no question”

Instinct is about knowing what is the right thing to do, given our purpose.  It’s about creating, honouring and living a pervasive culture that keeps us accountable to our values.


“Right from the beginning we were set up to challenge the status quo.”

We are a radically-oriented business, challenging conventional bottom-line business practices.  We are part of local and international movements towards global justice.  We provide a fundamental alternative by doing business differently and partnering with small, indigenous producers who dare to organize in their historic struggle for economic justice, dignity, and self-determination.