• Cerro Alto
  • Cual Bicicleta Label
    Cual Bicicleta
  • Incan Sun
  • Jaguar Label
  • Kivu Congo
  • Marcala Natural Label
    Marcala Natural
  • Millennium Project
  • Tarrazu Honey
  • Renaissance Label
  • La Resistencia
  • Rainforest Label
  • Colombian Label
  • Ethiopian Label
  • Rebel Label
  • Tierra Madre Label
    Tierra Madre
  • Jungle Label
  • Mocha Java Label
    Mocha Java
  • Rise Again Label
    Rise Again
  • BTS Label
    Breaking the Silence
  • French Label
  • Sumatran Label
  • Harmony Label
  • Italian Label
  • Pacifismo Label
  • Magnanimo
  • Instant Coffee


Our apologies - this coffee is sold out and no longer available. Cero Alto Guatemala | Single Origin Bold with notes of dark...
Cual Bicicleta Label
Cual Bicicleta Honduras | Single Origin Reserve Smooth with notes of lime, vanilla & a caramel finish The organization, COMSA...
Incan Sun Peru | Reserve Single Origin Delicate with notes of vanilla, citrus & a rose blossom finish This coffee comes from...
Jaguar Label
Jaguar Latin America | Reserve Blend Rich & chocolatey with notes of dried fruits & hazelnuts Jaguar is our new espresso...
Kivu Congo DR Congo | Single Origin Reserve Juicy with notes of pineapple & a honeysuckle finish The first DR Congo producers...
Marcala Natural Label
Our apologies - this coffee is sold out and no longer available.  Marcala Natural Honduras | Single Origin Reserve Silky...
Millennium Project Rwanda | Single Origin Reserve Silky with notes of black currant & a brown sugar finish. Specialty Coffee...
Our apologies - this coffee is sold out and no longer available.  Tarrazu Honey Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin Juicy...
Renaissance Label
This blend of full city and lightly roasted beans is smooth with berry flavours and a rich roasted nut aftertaste.  The name...
Viva La Resistencia Honduras | Single Origin Reserve Syrupy with notes of butter, raisins & a roasted hazelnut finish The...
Rainforest Label
Bright * Citrus * Floral Fair Trade Organic
Colombian Label
A classic - full bodied with a rich smooth flavor. Smooth * Berry * Roasted Nuts Fair Trade Organic