• Cerro Alto Label
    Cerro Alto
  • Holiday label
  • Incan Sun Label
    Incan Sun
  • Kaffa Oromia
  • Revolution
  • San Antonio Label
    San Antonio
  • Tarrazu Honey Label
    Tarrazu Honey
  • Renaissance Label
  • Espresso Blend
  • French Decaf
  • Guatemelan
  • Medium Decaf
  • Mexican Morning
  • Rainforest Label
  • Colombian Label
  • Ethiopian Label
  • Evangeline Blend
  • Rebel Label
  • Tierra Madre Label
    Tierra Madre
  • Jungle Label
  • Mocha Java Label
    Mocha Java
  • Rise Again Label
    Rise Again
  • BTS Label
    Breaking the Silence
  • French Label
  • Radical Blend
  • Sumatran Label
  • Harmony Label
  • Italian Label
  • Pacifismo Label
  • Magnanimo
  • Instant Coffee


Cerro Alto Label
Cero Alto Guatemala | Single Origin Bold with notes of dark chocolate & a roasted nut finish The Indigenous communities of...
Holiday label
Back until the end of the year. Fair Trade Organic Prouducers: FAPECAFES, Ecuador Permata Gayo Co-operative, Sumatra,...
Incan Sun Label
Peru | Reserve Single Origin Balanced with hints of lime sorbet & a sweet toast finish. This coffee is a high-quality...
Ethiopia - Single Origin Reserve Juicy with notes of juniper, mandarin orange & a jasmine finish The kingdom of Kaffa, now...
Revolution - Single Origin Reserve Peach & maple Syrup with a malted milk finish Last August, Just Us! was invited by Caf...
San Antonio Label
Nicaragua | Single Origin Velvety with notes of allspice & a chocolate almond finish Last year San Antonio put a rust-...
Tarrazu Honey Label
Tarrazu Honey Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin Complex with notes of bergamot & a honey finish. AFAORCA is a small co-op of...
Renaissance Label
This blend of full city and lightly roasted beans is smooth with berry flavours and a rich roasted nut aftertaste.  The name...
Espresso Blend is now Harmony.
French decaf is now Magnanimo.
Guatemalan is now Rebel.
Medium Decaf is now Pacifismo.