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Cerro Alto
Flavour Description:


Our Cerro Alto coffee is no longer available.


This particular coffee comes to us from the farm of Francisco Pascual Tomas, a member of Asobagri who, together with his family, runs a farm of 3.37 hectares, 1.2 of which is given over to coffee production. Cerro Alto means “high hill” in Spanish and is the name of the mountain on which they grow their coffee. The Tomas family grows corn and beans for family consumption and relies on the income from coffee for their economic needs. Francisco has installed depulping and milling equipment and a coffee drying patio on the roof of his home, allowing for an unusually high degree of quality control immediately following harvest. Once the parchment coffee is dried, it makes the 145km trip to Asobagri’s central warehousing facility. Once it arrives in our roastery and gets the special treatment it deserves, it yields a clean, sweet cup, with a full, syrupy body.

The Roast Profile:  Roasted medium-light, with a gentle caramelization to highlight roasted nut notes and develop the body while retaining the innate sweet fruit flavors.

The Flavour Profile: Apricot, Lime Zest and a Toasted Pecan Finish

Origin and Producers:

The Asociación Barillense de Agricultores (ASOBAGRI) was founded in October of 1989 and received Fair Trade certification in 1999. This coincided with the global coffee crisis that was devastating for the livelihood of coffee farming families. Fair Trade prices were vital in restoring their economic well-being. Before this time they relied mainly on organic certification and the reputation for quality the Huehuetenango region holds in the specialty coffee world.

Fair Trade has had a significant impact on the lives of members of Asobagri. Premiums are invested in health care and education of family members, as well as technical assistance in quality improvement and organic agriculture methods for sustainable coffee production. They also provide members with basic training in organizational management and operations, organize literacy programs for community members, and fund credit programs for women’s groups.

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