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Kaffa Oromia
Flavour Description:

Kaffa Oromia is no longer available. If you enjoyed this coffee, please try our Ethiopian, Kivu Congo, or Rebel.


Ethiopia - Single Origin Reserve

Crisp with Nectarine Flavours and a Malty Chocolate Finish

The Kingdom of Kaffa witnessed the commercialization of coffee

All varieties of Arabica coffee around the world are decendents of those plants found in Kaffa

The majority of small farmers in Ethiopia tend tiny farms of an acre or less.

Origin and Producers:

Organization: Tumticha Co-op
Community: Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe Region
Altitude: 1410 to 2200 m.a.s.l.
Coffee Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing: Washed & Sundried on Raised Beds

Brewmaster says:

Roasted lightly, this coffee is taken gently into first crack. The roast development stage is short but assertive. Incremental heat reductions create sweetness and syrupy body while retaining stone fruit-like acidity and flavours.

Medium Roast
Kaffa Oromia Label If you like this, we also recommend


Ethiopian Label

Distinctive coffee - floral and fruity with soft sweetness.

Bright * Citrus * Floral

Fair Trade Organic

Kivu Congo

Kivu Congo Label

Kivu Congo is no longer available. If you enjoyed this coffee, we suggest you try our Rainforest, Ethiopian, Renaissance or (coming soon) Tarrazu Honey.


Juicy with lemon, raspberry and a butter-toffee finish.

The first D.R. Congo producers to achieve top national grade since 1967.

Two cents per pound of green coffee sold by SOPACDI goes straight to female members. The development of SOPACDI acts to unify many ethnic groups that once fought against one another in the Congolese wars.


Rebel Label

Smooth * Berry * Roasted Nuts

Fair Trade Organic