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Mejor de Mexico
Flavour Description:

Mejor de Mexico is now sold out for this year. If you enjoyed this coffee, please try Rainforest Rhapsody or Tarrazu Honey.


The Roast Profile:  Roasted light, with a short and gentle caramelization to maintain its delicate character and highlight its herbal and fruit notes.

The Flavour Profile: Delicate & Sweet character, Coriander & Grape flavours, Macadamia Nut finish.

Co-operative: UNECAFE
Community: San Juan Lachao & Santa Lucia Teotepec
Altitude:  1500+ m.a.s.l.
Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon
Process: Washed & Sundried

Origin and Producers:

UNECAFE is a cooperative representing small farmers in all six regions of Oaxaca, Mexico and have been producing fair trade and organic certified coffees since 1999. Of the 1591 members, 40% are men and an impressive 60% are women producers making this a very important coffee representing our “Women in Agriculture” theme this year.

This particular coffee is grown on the mountain ranges facing the Pacific Ocean by small indigenous farmers of the Zapotec Nation. Although not a direct relationship for Just Us! UNECAFE has developed the capacity for in-house technical training, production, storage, marketing and export of their own coffee such that the only step between this UNECAFE and Just Us! was the importer, Café Imports.

Le Mejor de Mexico is a coffee competition that was organized for the first time this year by Café Imports, an American coffee importer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cuppers from Canada, USA, and Mexico participated as judges to choose 15 of 30 coffees above 86 points

Light Roast
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Rainforest Label

Bright * Citrus * Floral

Fair Trade Organic

Tarrazu Honey

Tarrazu Honey Label

Our apologies, this coffee is no longer available. If you enjoyed Tarrazu Honey, please try our Kaffa Oromia and Rainforest.


Tarrazu Honey
Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin
Complex with notes of bergamot & a honey finish.

AFAORCA is a small co-op of 28 farm families that was founded in 1996.

Women play a very important role in AFAORCA as farmers and managers of the business.