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  • Kivu Congo Label
    Kivu Congo
  • Tarrazu Honey
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    Viva La Resistencia
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  • Magnanimo
  • Instant Coffee

Project : Trifinio
Flavour Description:


Flavour Profile: Subtly savoury with sweet white grape  and a cherry jam finish. Also note how the high acidity is still perfectly balanced due to the high sugar content.

The Roast Profile: Gently roasted to a very low final roast temperature to ensure all the inherent complexities of the beans are preserved.


Origin and Producers:

Co-operative: ACPROA (Cooperative Association of Organic Agricultural Producers “El Tunel” )   
Altitude:  1600m
Varietal:  Pacamara
Process: Honey

Community: Caserio Montañita, La Palma Municipality
Producer & Farm: Ignacio Gutierrez Solis, Finca La Roxanita

Notes:  This coffee won the El Salvador Cup of Excellence 2013. It is processed on farm by leaving the sticky, sugary flesh (the “honey”) of the coffee cherry on the bean during the raised African bed drying process.