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Tarrazu Honey
Flavour Description:

Tarrazu Honey
Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin
Complex with notes of bergamot & a honey finish.

AFAORCA is a small co-op of 28 farm families that was founded in 1996.

Women play a very important role in AFAORCA as farmers and managers of the business.

This small 5-bag-lot was grown by a 4th generation female farmer and coffee roaster who supplies roasted coffee to her community.

The coffee beans for this lot were dried with a portion of the coffee cherry fruit still attached to retain nuanced sweetness and flavour.

Technical Information:
This coffee starts off hot in the roaster but the rate of roasting is gradually decreased to enhance the body and delicate floral notes inherent in the coffee.

Farmer: Cecilia Rojas
Farm: El Tirra
Community: Legua de Aserrí, Tarrazu Valley
Co-operative: AFAORCA
Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: 50% Caturra, 50% Catuai
Process: Red Honey Processed, Sundried

12oz Wholebean only: $18.50

Light Roast
Tarrazu Honey Label