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Tarrazu Honey
Flavour Description:

Our apologies, this coffee is no longer available. If you enjoyed Tarrazu Honey, please try our Kaffa Oromia and Rainforest.


Tarrazu Honey
Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin
Complex with notes of bergamot & a honey finish.

AFAORCA is a small co-op of 28 farm families that was founded in 1996.

Women play a very important role in AFAORCA as farmers and managers of the business.

This small 5-bag-lot was grown by a 4th generation female farmer and coffee roaster who supplies roasted coffee to her community.

The coffee beans for this lot were dried with a portion of the coffee cherry fruit still attached to retain nuanced sweetness and flavour.

Technical Information:
This coffee starts off hot in the roaster but the rate of roasting is gradually decreased to enhance the body and delicate floral notes inherent in the coffee.

Farmer: Cecilia Rojas
Farm: El Tirra
Community: Legua de Aserrí, Tarrazu Valley
Co-operative: AFAORCA
Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: 50% Caturra, 50% Catuai
Process: Red Honey Processed, Sundried

12oz Wholebean only: $18.50

Light Roast
Tarrazu Honey Label If you like this, we also recommend

Kaffa Oromia

Our apologies - this year's lot is sold out and no longer available.

Ethiopia - Single Origin Reserve

Juicy with notes of juniper, mandarin orange & a jasmine finish

The kingdom of Kaffa, now politically defunct, is the area in which coffee was first commercialized for export and from which coffee derives its name. All plants of the species Coffea arabica around the world are descendants of plants from Kaffa. This year’s lot comes from the hills of the Yirgacheffe region.



Rainforest Label

Bright * Citrus * Floral

Fair Trade Organic