Manifesto of the Poor

Manifesto of the Poor:  Solutions Come From Below

By Francisco Van der Hoff Boersma

This small yellow book is about 80 pages long and features 8 pages of colour photographs taken by Just Us!.  This book is published by the Centre for Small Farms and retails for $12.95.

Francisco Van der Hoff is a Dutch worker-priest who earned doctorates in economics and theology.

Just Us! Centre for Small Farms presents the first English translation of Father Francisco’s best selling book, previously printed in French, Spanish and Italian.


“The ‘little yellow book’ is a charter for the 99% who are looking to create an alternative world in which inclusive communities of people are interconnected, valued, and celebrated.  Using models of fair trade and small-scale organic farming, Father Frans shows that we can ‘give human beings back their humanity and give the earth back its sacredness’.”
- Av Singh
Chair in Small Farm Sustainability, Just Us! Centre for Small-Farms


“... Creating living economies as part of Earth Democracy is not just possible; it has become necessary for peace, justice and sustainability”
- Vandana Shiva
Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, Ecofeminist, and author of several books including Earth Democracy


“...He’s equally straightforward in demanding respect and a fair deal for peasants and marginalized people.  If you’re not sure there is anything you can or should do to help, read this book.  It will erase your doubt and rewrite your shopping list.”
- Nettie Wiebe
an organic farmer and Professor of Ethics at the University of Saskatchewan, former National Farmers Union president and founding member of La Via Campesina


“Father Frans’ Manifesto is forged in the Deep Mexico of Tehuantepec’s indigenous communities. His trenchant insights on global capitalism and his passionate call for social justice are grounded in the praxis of the original fair trade movements.”
- Eric Holt-Gimenez
Executive Director of Food First, and author of Food Movements Unite! and Food Rebellions (with Raj Patel)


“The Manifesto of the Poor is a very timely and an urgently needed example of development from the bottom up. It gives us the history and thinking behind the fair trade movement by one of its founders, Francisco Van der Hoff.”
- Jeff Moore
Co-Founder, Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

$12.95 each