Casil Co-op, Peru

Casil is a small 220 member cooperative located in San Ignacio, Northern Peru. Just Us! and Casil have been working together since the Fall of 2010 when Casil introduced its Twelve Apostles brand.
The Twelve Apostles are a group of men and women who are known as leaders in their communities and among the farmer-members of Casil. They have continued to lead the charge since 2010, continuing to improve their techniques and facilities to produce high quality coffees as an example for all of the members of Casil to follow.

In January 2014 Just Us! purchased three containers of 42,500 lb of coffee each from Casil. Two containers from the 12 Apostles group and 1 container from the women of Flor del Café. The New York Commodity Exchange price was $1.16/lb and the minimum Fair Trade (FLO) price was $1.90/lb when we fixed our three contracts at $2.40/lb with Casil in December of 2013.

Flor del Café
This year, Just Us! is introducing a new project from Casil focused exclusively on women farmers. This project is called “Flor del Café”.
Objective: The empowerment of the women farmers of Casil co-operative

1. To increase the participation of women in decision-making within the household and Casil.
2. To increase women’s self esteem.
3. To recognize the value of women’s contribution to the family, community and Casil.
4. To promote Casil as a women-friendly organization.

Some interesting facts:
• 100% of Flor del Café coffee is produced by female coffee farmers.
• 50% of the administrative staff of Casil are women.
• 20% of the members of Casil are women.
• Women are often heads of the household in Peru.
• Premiums from “Flor del Café” will be used by the women at Casil to start-up small-scale vegetable and livestock businesses.
• These start-up businesses contribute to agricultural biodiversity, food security and community development in San Ignacio

Quick Facts

Name: Casil Co-operative

Region: San Ignacio, Northern Peru

Altitude: 1200-1800 metres

Co-op: Casil Co-operative Number of members: 220