COOPACVOD, Dondon, Haiti

Founded in 1976 around the initiative of some thirty producers, the co-operative experienced modest growth in the early 90's. Certified by FLO in 2001, membership grew to nearly 800 members.

 COOPACVOD is located in the wet mountain area of Dondon at altitudes of 700 – 900 metres.  Its headquarters and processing plant are located in the town of Dondon.  The processing of coffee is managed collectively including; pulping, fermentation, washing, drying, and husking. The co-operative has an export license allowing it to directly manage the marketing of coffee from Cap Haitien to the rest of the world.

Quick Facts:


Founded:  1976

Year of FLO certification:  1998

Country:  Haiti

Number of Members: 750

Product:  Green coffee (60 tons in 2009), cocoa, yam, taro, bananas, beans

Projects: Financing of productive infrastructure