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The Small Producers Symbol and CLAC

The Small Producers symbol is a labeling initiative started by CLAC (Coordinadora Latinoamericana y del Caribe de Pequenos Productores de Comercio Justo), which is large network of about 300 small producer organizations, making up about 200,000 families and producers in Latin America and the Caribbean from the Fair Trade and Solidarity Economy movement.

The motif represents a solid house which is open to everyone, balance and unity between producers and consumers, between men and women, between nature and a dignified life. Its colors represent the vitality of the earth, of the crops and of new life, of the heart.

The symbol is meant to represent a high quality of products from small producers and a strong commitment to make life decent in the producing communities, to improve local economies and the health and environment of producers and consumers.

CLAC Values:

Democracy & Participation, Solidarity, Equality, Respect, Transparency & Responsibility

In a global economy, increasingly dominated by large-scale private enterprises, this initiative is very important to continue competing on the basis of quality and the unique values behind these products and the efforts of small producers. CLAC is a producer-driven organization that gives a collective voice to small farmers. It aims to help protect their quality of life by providing assistance for small producer groups to promote their products and by carrying out advocacy before social, political and economic organizations within the framework of Fair Trade. This initiative is an important next step for Fair Trade producers that will support organization at the regional and national level for important agricultural products and give producers more ownership in the value chain and increased direct access to important differentiated markets that provide better economic returns than commodity markets.

Just Us! has committed to be one of the first traders in the world to bring this symbol to consumer markets and to participate in the strategic development of this important movement towards increased global economic, social and environmental justice.