Jambi Kiwa, Ecuador

“Our benefits are not just economic and financial – they are about learning, training, improving the biodiversity of the community and having a better diet.”

- Rosa Guaman, founder of Jambi  Kiwa

Nestled high in the Andean mountains, a group of extraordinary women have organized their communities to produce high quality herbal teas. Taste the unique infusions of aromatic herbs that Jambi Kiwa has been able to cultivate in a country with an amazing amount of biodiversity.

Just Us! is proud to offer you Jambi Kiwa’s first Canadian tea export. The story of Jambi Kiwa is one that is born out of the resilience and strength of the indigenouswomen’s struggles against poverty and discrimination and became a nation-wide movement for indigenous rights in Ecuador.

 In 1997, Rosa Guaman, a local community leader, mobilized women to collect medicinal plants andrediscover ancestral knowledge. Jambi Kiwa is run entirely by its own members and they are determined to build on local assets and secure relationships with national and international partners. Jambi Kiwa has become a model for women in business and is redefining what it means to be an indigenous person in Ecuador today.

Until now, Jambi Kiwa has worked with an Ecuadorian packaging partner to box their Fair Trade and organic teas for export. Just Us! has supported the efforts of Jambi Kiwa to independently package and box their own tea by financing the purchase of their new machine. We are the first client for this product - it is an exciting time of growth for Jambi Kiwa!

The co-op is introducing projects to improve the quality of life for communities. Raised wood stoves with chimneys improve air quality and make cooking easier, and natural water filtration systems provide clean water.

Just Us! is proud to offer you Jambi Kiwa’s first Canadian tea export.

Quick Facts:

Name: Association of Medicinal Plant Producers of Chimborazo (AMPPC) - Jambi Kiwa

Country: Ecuador

Date Established: 2001

Members: over 600 producers in 38 communities, 80% of the membership are women

Products: Organic herbal teas, medicinal teas, medicinal herbs, shampoos, and tinctures

Social Premium Programs:

Construction of a permanent processing facility, greenhouses and water tanks

Workshops on raising organic livestock and organic farming

Improvement of hand-made crafts and 100% natural shampoos, soaps, and creams

Agro-forestry projects

Energy-efficient stoves

Gender equality programs;

Leadership and self-esteem workshops

Andean School of Medicine