CENFROCAFE is one of the largest and strongest coffee-producing co-ops in Peru. They began in 1999 with 220 member-producers and has grown to over 2000 member-producers today. Their quality is very high for Peru and consistent as well. Peru is known as the world’s largest producer of organic coffee but they are not known for their quality. To combine the two is very special.

CENFROCAFE is a reliable source for multi-grower microlots of coffee. This means that small lots from individual growers with particularly good quality are combined into slightly larger lots of very similar characteristics. This allows for simpler records for the co-op but higher-quality, more distinctive coffees at the same time.

Cajamarca City is best known as the site of the final demise of the Inca Empire and the murder of their last Emperor, Atahualpa by the Spanish Conquistadors. The region is located in the northern Andes and the city still boasts well-maintained Colonial architecture.