Marcala Natural

Roaster's Notes

This bean starts off hot when roasted but is then eased into first crack with minimal roast development to ensure the juicy, berry notes inherent in the coffee are preserved.

Flavour Description

Rich with notes of strawberry & a cherry chocolate finish

COMSA, Honduras

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The vast majority of farmers in the Marcala region of Honduras are of ancient Lenca indigenous roots. Although the language is lost, many of the traditional agricultural techniques have been maintained in their approach to modern-day agriculture. This has led to one of the most sophisticated organic production systems amongst coffee producing co-ops in Central America. They are a leader in promoting organic agriculture and play a key role in training and education of other fair trade and organic producer co-ops throughout the region.

Honduran farmers have endured lifetimes of corruption and neglect at the hands of the country’s elite political class. Despite this, COMSA shines as a true social enterprise that brings countless benefits to its members. In addition to a variety of markets through which their coffee is sold, members have access to an international school that teaches English, music, and cultural studies. The leadership of COMSA sees education as the only thing that will lift their rural community out of the cycle of poverty and oppression. This has led to a rural education program that teaches members of the small rural communities in the area how to teach their children at ages as young as 18 months. In the words of the General Manager, “it’s a cultural renaissance for our members”.

Lennon Dias is a second generation coffee farmer and member of COMSA. As a young man, Lennon has seen the benefits of fair trade in his own life and the opportunities COMSA has afforded him both in securing markets for his coffee but also providing him employment within the organization as a quality controller and lead “experimenter” in new processing methods. Lennon has experimented with natural processing for this lot of Pache to enhance the “intrigue” of the otherwise sweet and smooth tasting Pache varietal.

In-Depth Flavour Profile

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Rich: The mouthfeel is smooth but substantial due to the processing method of this coffee.

Strawberry: Bright notes and aromatics of these fresh, red summer berries brings a sweet juiciness.

Cherry Chocolate: The sweet, creamy finish is highlighted with the complex dark fruit aftertaste.

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