Specialty Beans

Good coffee starts with a good bean

All of our coffees are high-grown, specialty grade organic Arabicas, selected for their clean and distinctive flavours. We purchase green beans from producers in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, S.E. Asia and Africa seasonally, during harvest time, and store them in a controlled atmosphere to maintain freshness. The beans are sorted at the country of origin to ensure consistency and quality and lots are selected specifically for Just Us! by the coffee farmer co-operatives. In some cases our lots are selected from specific small farms with micro-climates that consistently produce exemplary coffees.

Most of our offerings are ‘washed’ coffees, which have undergone a wet-processing method immediately after harvest. The fresh coffee cherries are pulped to remove the bean, mildly fermented in tanks and washed to remove any remaining fruit. We also have coffees that are ‘naturals’ or ‘pulped naturals’, which are dry-processed in the sun with all or some of the fruit remaining on the bean. Once the drying on patios or raised beds is even and complete, the coffees are stored to rest at origin for several weeks while flavours settle out. When ready to ship, they are dry-milled to remove a parchment skin layer, before being sorted and placed in burlap bags as finished green beans.

Organic coffee production requires traditional farming wisdom and hard work. The farmers and workers that we buy from put their hearts and bodies into growing and processing high quality coffees and we feel that it is very important that we honour their efforts and put the same diligence into our work to create quality roasted and brewed coffee products.