Roasting Styles

Although there is some science to roasting, it is more of an art as taste is very subjective and every person has their own preferences. For this reason, we have a very diverse line of specialty coffees across the roasting spectrum. We classify them as light, medium, medium-dark and dark. Some people have their favorite and choose to drink the same type of roast all of the time, while others change their choices regularly for variety.

Here is a general guide to roast styles, but specifics really depend on the origin or blend:


Light roasts

These tend to display more of the inherent characters of individual coffees than any other style, often with high floral, citrus or fresh fruit notes and lively acidity. Very fine coffees are usually roasted light to highlight their distinctiveness, multi-dimensions and clean flavours.

Medium Roasts

These may hold some of the same instrinsic flavours as a light roast but generally with less intensity, more caramel or nut character and a gentler, more rounded acidity.

Medium-Dark Roasts

These are at the pinnacle of carmelization where nuances are not as present, but the coffee generally has more depth, body and some malty or chocolate-like bitter-sweetness.

Dark Roasts

Impart roasty, grilled, smoky, pungent and spicy flavours of the beans. With dark roasts, there is less definition between origins and blends, but the intensity and balance can change with the degree and profile of the roast. Our darkest roast is Italian. Natural coffee oils are usually present on the surface of dark roasted beans as they are forced out by heightened heat application.