In 2006, as part of our commitment to Fair Trade and organic products, Just Us! became the founding partner of JUDES -The Just Us! Development and Education Society, a non-profit organization that is committed to education in the areas of:

  - The benefits of Fair Trade for local peoples and international development

  - Social, environmental and economic issues related to community and international development

  - The power each of us has to use our purchases to promote and support social justice,

     community development and environmental sustainability.

JUDES works to create educational resources, provides presentations and hands-on activities, and facilitates educational exchanges to increase understanding and links between producers and consumers.


Are you a teacher?  Do you work with youth?

Use our NEW resource to bring international development issues and fair trade to young people wanting to take action for a better world!

Fair Trade – A Better Deal is a seven-case study series examining gender, environment, human rights, and democracy through a fair trade lens.  The case studies include student materials, such as readings and fact sheets, rich, powerful images and links to video and audio clips.  Strategies are included for students to take action as active citizens for global change.  Designed for Nova Scotia classrooms, the resource can be used in grade nine to twelve social studies settings.  Or, adapt activities and resources for youth groups interested in international issues, being conscious consumers, and making a difference in this world. 

To download and view pdf files of this resource  please go the the JUDES website:



Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a way to gain better market access for small-scale Third World producers. It promotes trading relationships based on respect, empowerment and fairness that offer hope for a better future for these producers, their families and their communities.

Why buy Fair Trade?

Conventional or "free" trade has been brutally unfair to Third World producers with the emphasis on minimizing costs and maximizing profits at nearly any price. There is an urgent need to "make trade fair", not just for the well-being of producers, but for the well-being of us all.

Is Fair Trade working?

Fair trade is really a minor miracle; it has successfully established a practical model for doing international trade that emphasizes not only quality products but also social and environmental responsibility. Annual sales for Fair Trade products globally are now well over $1 billion and growing rapidly.

Who governs Fair Trade?

Internationally, the Fair Trade International certifies producers and also governs national initiatives such as Fair Trade Canada, which in turn licenses and monitors business in Canada involved with Fair Trade.