Socially, Environmentally & Economically Sustainable


What is Fundraising with Just Us!?

Fundraising with Just Us! not only supports one great cause, but two! Every product sold by your group will raise money for your cause, and make a difference in the lives of small farmers around the globe.

Why Fundraise with Just Us!?

  • All of our products are certified Fair Trade Organic- not only are you supporting your community, but communities around the world!
  • Just Us! fundraising allows you to purchase any of our products at wholesale pricing and sell them at the price of your choice!
  • Support a local economy and the global economy.
  • We have flexible fundraising plans for every group; you can pre-order or order ahead!
  • Sell quality products people love!
  • Coffee is the #1 beverage consumed by adult Canadians. Over 63% of Canadians drink coffee daily.
  • Every second, 15,000 cups of tea are consumed worldwide!
  • On average, Canadians eat 4kg of chocolate per person each year!

By purchasing and selling Fair Trade products you are making a difference locally and globally.  Fair trade not only guarantees a minimum price, equal to or higher than the regional average, but also eliminates child labour.  Farmers producing Fait Trade products are given a social premium in addition to the Fair Trade price to help community development projects such as education and health facilities.

7 Principles of Fair Trade:

  1. Direct Trade (no middlemen)
  2. Fair Pricing
  3. Democratic & Transparent Organizations
  4. Protection of the Environment
  5. Community Development
  6. Long Term Relationships
  7. Access to Credit (for producers)

For more information, please contact Vicki Matthews:
tel:  902-697-4248