About Us

Our Coffee

We believe in quality and continue to roast some of the highest graded coffees on the market from some of the highest quality beans from around the world. We are able to work with our producer-partners to ensure they meet Fairtrade, Small Producer (SPP), and organic certification standards. This allows for both dignified living conditions and pay for producers, but also pride in their work and their coffee production. This pride and dignity brings greater knowledge and passion for coffee from the producers. We then visit producers to purchase beans and to use our own coffee expertise to support our producer-partners in growing coffees that our customers will love. This transparent and cooperative journey from seed to cup is part of what gives Just Us! coffee its deliciously smooth flavours.

Just Us! buys only specialty grade arabica beans, which are then carefully and intentionally roasted in small batches, by real humans and their senses rather than automation. Our expert artisan roasters roast each and every bean differently in order to bring out the best in each. All our coffee is roasted fresh-to-order, and packaged immediately after roasting. This means our coffee doesn't sit in wharehouses, it is roasted, packaged, and delivered straight to your cafe or store to be sold or brewed fresh.