About Us

Our Coffee

We believe in quality and continue to roast some of the highest graded coffees on the market from some of the highest quality beans from around the world. We work with our producer-partners to ensure they meet Small Producer (SPP), Fairtrade, and organic certification standards. This provides producers pride in their work and dignity by earning living wages. This results in the producers having greater passion for their work and learning more about what they grow.

Just Us! visits producers directly to purchase beans.  We use our own coffee expertise to support our producer-partners in growing the coffees that our customers love. In addition to great coffee, this transparent and cooperative journey from seed to cup is part of what Just Us! is all about.

Just Us! buys only specialty grade arabica beans, which are then carefully roasted in small batches, by our coffee artisan roasters. Each batch is roasted differently in order to bring out the best flavour notes.

Just Us! coffee is always roasted-to-order, and then packaged immediately after roasting, making your order as fresh as possible.