About Us

Our Values

Many folks know Just Us! as a fair trade, organic coffee roaster. What some folks don’t know is that Just Us! didn’t begin with the goal of selling coffee, but rather the aim of social and environmental justice - of promoting an alternative to the exploitative global trade that favours white, western cultures. Since the beginning, coffee has served as a vehicle for that change.

20+ years after becoming Canada’s first fair trade, organic coffee roaster, Just Us! persists as a wholly Canadian-owned worker co-operative, committed to its founding mission of social and environmental justice, and to being an example of a successful alternative business, and a key rural employer in Nova Scotia.

Organic Products

The Just Us! commitment to organic has been a founding principle from the get-go. Organic agriculture is crucial to the nourishment and health of people, of wildlife, and of soils. 

“We no longer have the luxury of prevention.  Now we are in the dire situation of needing a cure, a reversal.  We know that correcting agriculture is an answer to climate chaos, and that it hinges on human behavior.  The massive awakening itself is the cure.  The future is underfoot.  It's all about healthy soil." -Mark Smallwood, Executive Director of Rodale Institute

Where it all Begins

Empowerment. Autonomy. Dignity. Fairness.

By promoting a system of trade that focuses on: fair prices, fair practices, equity and inclusion, environmental stewardship, democratic control, and the building of communities and individual capacity; we go beyond commodity markets detached from the human element of agricultural products, allowing economies to become more than machines of exploitation and aid, to relationship-based systems where producers have some control over their own destinies.