Celebrating Fair Trade Month

Celebrating Fair Trade Month

| Posted on: May. 01, 2018

Every year during the month of May, Fair Trade Month is celebrated throughout Canada, and 2018 is no different. Together with our staff, the Worker-Owners of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative are pleased to join some 200+ other licensees across Canada to celebrate our ongoing commitment to equity in trade.

At its simplest, fair trade supports small scale farmers who are marginalized from trade in a variety of ways and helps ensure a fair price is paid to producers in the Global South. “It goes far beyond price at Just Us!” says Joey Pittoello, General Manager for Just Us! Coffee Roasters, “For us, a fair price is a naturally occurring outcome when you exist in genuine solidarity with producer-partners. Our business starts with the work of committed small farmers in the Global South and ends when a consumer in Canada savours a cup of coffee. Our job is to make sure fairness occurs at all stages of the journey.”
Fair trade is guided by universal principles of:

• Fair price
• Create opportunities for producers
• Transparency & Accountability
• Fair trading practices
• No child or forced labour
• Non-discrimination (of gender, religion, age, ability, association etc.)
• Good working conditions
• Capacity building
• Promotion of fair trade
• Respect for the environment

Just Us! is licensed under two marks/certifiers: Fairtrade Canada and the Small Producers Symbol. We participate in rigorous annual audits which verify our participation as authentic fair traders for all the products we sell. “Certification is critical to the success of the fair trade movement. Companies, like Just Us!, who are licensed to use these marks participate in third party auditing to ensure they are following the policies and procedures outlined by the organizations who own these marks and ensure both producers and buyers are contributing to the costs of administering the system.” says Pittoello.

Just Us! is committed to fairness for everyone in our value chain. At Just Us! ensuring our workers have access to meaningful work at a living wage is very important. Our wage policy for retail workers starts at 4% above the Nova Scotia Minimum Wage. However, because of increases to the cost of living in Nova Scotia we’ve realized 4% is not enough. In celebration of our commitment to fair trade, Just Us! is delighted to announce effective June 1, 2018 the minimum wage at our co-operative will be $12.50. “This decision will not require a price increase for our customers nor will it require layoffs in our retail division” says Pittoello “We are investing in processes to make our business better, more efficient and more sustainable for everyone.”

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Joey Pittoello
General Manager
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-operative Ltd.
11865 Hwy 1,
Hortonville, Nova Scotia B4P 2R3
Date: May 1, 2018