Message from Founder of Fair Trade

Country: Mexico | Posted on: Oct. 17, 2017

Email from fair trade founder, Francisco Van der Hoff, to Just Us! co-founder Jeff Moore on October 12, 2017.

Hello jefe, in the first place congratulations with the endeavors you made to get Arcadia University of Woolville as a Fair Trade University. That is of most importance together with the student union and many volunteers. In second place to tell you that we are still alive, with lots of work to do. Manny members of UCIRI are without housing or have damaged houses. Help is coming in, above all food, blankets, tents and medicines. From different places of Mexico.

Today we hade to organize a peaceful march of a 300 people of the villages here in Ixtepec to demand of the government to attend the people in the mountains.  All the attention is given to Juchitan and Ixtaltepec, very severe hurt by both earthquakes. We will see what is the response. It is a mountain of problems. First information of damage is that there are 1540 houses completely gone, above all in San Jose el Paraiso, Cuatlan, Esquintepec. From several village we still do not have information because the roads to them are inaccesible, also because of the heavy rains we had for more then ten days.

The tremors are continuing and some are heavy, creating fear and no one wants to sleep inside. I had to abandon my house, to dangerous, but the kitchen is still there with some damage that can be repaired. I live now outside. Lots of things have to be organized and in the meantime we have to attend the coffee fields and prevent the rost. International help is coming in also, so that UCIRI can be of help for several members who lost everything. We did receive from Harry Cook good help of his community. 

We keep struggling what is the rule in UCIRI! 
Best wishes and let us keep in touch.  Saludos de Francisco.