SCA Expo 2017

Country: USA | Posted on: Aug. 02, 2017

This year during the Specialty Coffee Association Global Expo in Seattle, Just Us! is partnered up with SPP (Small Producer Symbol--a fair trade standard that only certifies small scale, democratically organized farmers) organizers to host a cupping contest to celebrate the high-quality coffee that producers are providing.  Coffees from all over the world, including our own Incan Sun and Kivu Congo, were cupped (a term for the professional act of "tasting coffee") and scored informally by attendees during two days of the expo, with guidance from our Q-Grader Liz Bishop and Director of Coffee, Joey Pittoello.  

Our hope was to expand the exposure of SPP coffees to the specialty coffee community, and give them a taste of what small producers can bring to the table.  Ultimately, we were there to celebrate the work and quality of these producers and have a little fun! Once the coffees were cupped and scored, SPP hosted a party at which each outstanding coffee was celebrated with an award based on their scores or their merits. This cupping was a first for us but certainly not the last.