Smiling Goat Purchases Just Us! HRM Coffeehouses

| Posted on: Aug. 31, 2017

Smiling Goat Purchases Just Us! Spring Garden Road and King's Wharf Coffeehouses

Just Us! is pleased to announce the sale of the Spring Garden Road Coffee and Tea House, in Halifax and the King’s Wharf Coffee and Tea House, in Dartmouth, to the Smiling Goat effective September 1, 2017.

In yet another gesture of partnership, Smiling Goat will continue to offer the same products with the help of the same customer-focused baristas at both locations. All our valued Just Us! customers will continue to enjoy the same high-quality coffee, tea, chocolate, drinks, and locally produced baked goods when visiting.

As Smiling Goat’s Kit Singh continues his aggressive expansion of high-end, fair trade, and organic cafés across the HRM, we at Just Us! are excited about this partnership in which the retail strength of Smiling Goat can be coupled with the strength and vision of our worker co-op’s product sourcing, roasting, and distribution segments. “We see this as an opportunity to grow the fair trade organic specialty market for the small-scale producer-partners in the Global South with whom we’ve worked for a long time”, says acting General Manager Joey Pittoello.

This comes at an exciting time for both organizations, with Smiling Goat soon adding yet another location at the new Maple development on Hollis Street in addition to current locations on Lower Water Street, Spring Garden Road, South Park Street, and King’s Wharf.  

This is truly a win for all involved including our dedicated staff at the Spring Garden Coffee and Tea House, loyal Smiling Goat and Just Us! customers in Halifax, and organized small producers around the world.