How To Love Chocolate So Chocolate Will Love You Back!

How To Love Chocolate So Chocolate Will Love You Back!

How To Love Chocolate So Chocolate Will Love You Back!


Hot chocolate. It’s an essential decadence when the snow flies, after sledding, apres-ski, or strolling through your city or town. But when you treat yourself to this beloved ancient wonder, you’re not just warming your hands on a chilly December day. You’re giving your body a gift.


It’s magical stuff, chocolate. When you drink it hot, you tap into that magic in a way that lights a little fire in your belly. Whether you want to mellow out, treat yourself, or get a sweet boost of energy, hot chocolate is your go-to.


Does it really matter that it’s good for you? Sure! Maybe!


The past decade has given us a wealth of studies extolling the virtues of chocolate—science catching up to what humans have observed for millennia.

From our breathing and alertness to our immune system, our blood sugar, and our state of mind, our bodies love hot chocolate. Cocoa’s many minerals and vitamins are simply a secondary reason to enjoy this fantastic beverage.


Hot chocolate wasn’t always the sweet, whipped-cream-topped drinkable dessert it is today. 4,000 years ago, Mayan hot chocolate might knock you over backwards. Back then it was a thick, spicy concoction made with honey, chili peppers, and flowers. By the 16th century it had arrived in Europe, soon to be discovered and evolved through the rest of the world.


But it took until the mid-19th century for it to resemble anything like what you’d see on the Just Us! counter today: in a hot mug, with sugar or heavy cream; perhaps mixed with other flavours like hazelnut, peppermint, caramel, or cinnamon.

Or…a Hot Chocolate BOMB! Coming soon in a recipe just for you.


Want To chalk up some of Hot Chocolate’s body magic? Here’s how you can:


  • When you choose chocolate that’s fair trade and organic (hint: that’s Just Us!), you help make the best quality chocolate sustainable in the Global South. Source the best for the planet to source the best for your bod.
  • Chocolate dishes—especially the modern, non-Mayan way—often contain significant quantities of sugar and fats. Whether you like it in a hot mug or to nibble on, keep in mind that chocolate is a treat and not a daily binge and you’ll be fine! 
  • When you know it is ethically sourced, organically grown and blended and packaged by the wonderful people at Flower Cart…it warms the heart!


There isn’t a non-alcoholic beverage as evocative, as legendary, or as essential to our cultures and memories as hot chocolate. Especially during Canada’s chilly and wintery seasons. After sledding or skiing, in the rink, or on a rosy-cheeked stroll or hike through a light flurry, pop in to Just Us! when you want to warm up your belly and spirit as well as your hands.

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