Introducing our newest Reserve Line - RECOGNITION!

Tasting Notes: Sweet, with notes of brown sugar and oak.

It goes without saying that women play a fundamental role in the coffee industry and their communities. Still, all too often, their work keeps them at a disadvantage by limiting their autonomy and educational opportunities. Unidentified work may be directly linked to production, such as...

  • Winnowing crops after they are harvested.
  • Safely storing crops at home.
  • Preparing food for field workers

Or indirectly related to production like...

  • Fetching water, firewood and caring for children and elderly so that others can continue to work.

Traditionally, the price for commodity products like coffee includes only direct input and labor costs and fail to recognize the supporting work, which is done mainly by women.

Together with the San Antonio Cooperative, PRODECOOP, SPP, and ETICO, Just Us! set out to empower women within the communities by creating a structure that identifies the value of unpaid work and builds it into the price paid for the coffee at origin. As a result, Just Us! contributes an additional .10/lb that funds women-led initiatives such as horticultural training and workshops, as well as business plan development.

Over the last five years, Just Us! has seen the additional premium pay dividends within the community through the construction of a bakery, creation of family gardens, the development of a collectively-owned restaurant, and, most recently, chicken farming (egg and meat birds).