Colombian Geisha - Reserve
Colombian Geisha - Reserve

Colombian Geisha - Reserve



The producers at Organica are committed to developing exotic varieties of coffee like this Geisha. Each farmer manages a small plot of land between 1.5 to 3 hectares, carrying out their own research and developing strategies for working with this relatively new coffee. Geishas have been extremely well received in worldwide markets, allowing these farmers to fetch a higher price and better provide for their families. These small farms embody the cultures of their indigenous communities and fully embrace organic production methods. All of this effort results in coffees which are characterized by a floral fragrance, notes of honey and a delicate body.


Delicate with blood orange, candied ginger & chamomile


This geisha is roasted quick yet gently to highlight the complexity of this special single varietal. Sticky sweet cup with a beautiful mouthfeel gives way to spicy and herbal notes.


Farmer: Multiple Smallholder Farmers
Country: Colombia
Region: Andean Natural Region
Community: Cauca
Co-op: Organica 
Altitude: 1800m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Geisha