Bolaven Plateau
Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau


Once dominated by the ethnic Laven peoples, the Bolaven Plateau is now
mostly populated by the Lao people who originated from northern Laos and
Thailand. Laos and much of Mainland Southeast Asia have endured decades
of colonization, war and human rights violations. Currently, Laos is a one-party
socialist republic which is dominated by military generals and heavily
influenced by Vietnam and its army. The Bolaven Plateau economy is
predominantly tourism and agriculture, the primary crop being coffee. The
Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Co-op (CPC) was founded in 2007. The coop
has been able to improve infrastructure, technology and maintain a
continuous improvement process for their coffee quality, with support from
the French Agency for Development, CAFEMA (Switzerland) and Malongo
(France). With fair trade premiums, the CPC has built a new clinic and a
residence for doctors.

Creamy with malt, dark brown sugar & vanilla

This coffee is roasted aggressively into first crack and then heat is gradually reduced over the roast development phase until the point of second crack to encourage lots of caramelization.

Country: Laos
Region: Champasak
Community: Bolaven Plateau
Co-op: CPC
Altitude: 900-1235 m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Catimor & Bourbon