Cual Bicicleta Honey - Reserve Line
Cual Bicicleta Honey - Reserve Line

Cual Bicicleta Honey - Reserve Line



Oscar Omar has grown coffee for over 20 years. His farm, Finca “Cual Bicicleta” was
named to reflect his life philosophy: riding a bike requires balance and forward
momentum, and all parts of the bicycle must work in harmony to keep moving. After
switching to organic production in 2003, Oscar initially saw a massive decrease in
cherry production. However, with persistence and ingenuity he grew to surpass his
previous conventionally produced output. A unique practice on Oscar's farm is the
use of coconut shells that capture and provide moisture to coffee trees during
drought seasons. They are buried in the ground, deposited on the surface and mixed
with organic fertilizers that are produced and applied on the farm.
Cual Bicicleta is a honey process coffee, which means it is sundried with part of the
coffee mucilage still on the bean. This sustainable practice uses less water than
washed processing and results in a sweeter tasting coffee than a traditional natural


Sweet with caramel & warm spices


Roasted gently to first crack to intensify the caramel notes, then dropped quickly to maintain crisp acidity which balances out the sweetness


Farmer: Oscar Omar
Country: Honduras
Region: La Paz
Community: El Trapiche, Chinacla
Co-op: COMSA
Altitude: 1500m
Process: Honey
Varietal: Catuai, Lempira, Icatú, Parainema