La Bendicion - Reserve Line HRM Delivery

La Bendicion - Reserve Line HRM Delivery


Yahaira Cardona Manueles has been immersed in coffee culture since she was very young. Her parents are both coffee producers, and through them she developed a love for coffee culture and a respect for the effort of every producer. She eventually relocated to the capital city to study at the university, but she always knew she would one day return home. Her father gave her a plot in 2014 where she began growing high quality coffee varieties. Yahaira married in 2016, but to this day she maintains her vision of improving her farm’s coffee production. She and her husband acquired two new plots of land with the goal of increased diversification and, by working with COMSA, they have embraced many different processes to enhance coffee quality and consistency.

Vibrant with tropical fruits & roasted hazelnut

Roasted quickly with high heat through to golden, then gently eased into first crack and allowed to develop for a short amount of time before dropping. This profile highlights the vibrant fruit notes that you will love in this coffee

Farmer: Yahaira Cardona Manueles
Country: Honduras
Region: La Paz
Community: El Trapiche, Chinacla
Co-op: COMSA
Altitude: 1500m
Process: Washed
Varietal: Lempira, Pacamara,
Geisha and Parinema