Lucio is a clean, complex, high-quality coffee that has been washed and sundried on raised beds. 

Located just outside of Amaybamba in the Cusco region of Peru, Lucio Luque’s farm, Nuevo Progreso, is only a few years old but is already producing some of the best coffee in the specialty coffee scene. During the SPP coffee awards in 2019, Lucio’s harvest was voted Best in the World, and he has since gone on to win 2nd in the Peru Cup of Excellence.  

When our roaster cupped his coffee, she knew he was on to something unique, and given that his farm can only produce a few bags of coffee per year, we’re lucky to get our hands on some! 

Flavour Description

Juicy with lemongrass and sweet iced tea.

Farmer: Lucio Luque 
Community: Cusco, Peru 
Co-op: Cooperative Valle de INCAHUASI (CACVI) 
Process: Washed & Sundried 
Altitude: 2050 m AMAYBAMBA 
Farm: Nuevo Progreso 
Variety: Typica, Bourbon