San Pablo - Reserve

San Pablo - Reserve


Case of 6 x 300g bags


Sweet with dried berries & dark chocolate 


A third-generation coffee producer, Roland Melghem is committed to learning from nature and experimenting with organic coffee growing. His farm, named “Finca San Pablo” after his father, is set within a lush forest and shaded by native pine trees. Neighboring farmers warned that he would not be able to grow coffee under these trees, but he decided to experiment, planting bananas, cassava, and aloe vera alongside his coffee. This proved successful, and Roland is proud of both the high quality of his coffee and the diversity of plant and animal life on his farms. 


Country: Honduras  

Region: La Paz  

Community: El Pastal 

Co-op: COMSA  

Altitude: 1450m  

Process: Natural 

Varieties: Catuaí, lempira, bourbon, Icatú