Cerro Alto

Roaster's Notes

This coffee’s complexity is maintained by a long Maillard reaction phase followed by a short roast development phase

Flavour Description

Bright with notes of citrus & vanilla with a roasted nut finish.

ASOBAGRI, Guatemala

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Just Us! has bought coffee from the Asobagri for 10 years. Asobagri has over 1000 producer-members and covers a vast and very sparsely populated region of Guatemala which makes communication and travel very difficult.

Asobagri is largely made up of Indigenous Maya peoples whose lands are often exploited by the Guatemalan government and large multinational corporations that build mega hydroelectric dams on their rivers and regularly intimidate and occasionally kill community members.

Coffee Leaf Rust has been a major hurdle for yields, coffee quality, and family incomes since the epidemic in 2013. Since then, Asobagri has invested in new trees and coffee varieties amongst their members. As a result, you can taste a major improvement in the quality of Cerro Alto this year.

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