Grand Lapsang Souchong

Harvested once a year, this tea grows in the middle of a nature reserve and it is smoked in a traditional way.

Flavour Description

The souchong's beautiful big leaves release a dark red liquor colour and a woody flavour that has a light spicy taste in the mouth. This tea complements salted dishes very well.


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Smoked black tea* 100%. *From organic farming.
Black tea: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers.

Da Zhang Shan Cooperative

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China / Jiangxi - Zhejiang

The Da Zhang Shan mountains (‘Mountains of Mist and Clouds’) are located at the heart of China in the Jiangxi province. Situated inside the famous Golden Triangle of green tea, they have been renowned for more than 1200 years. In fact, teas from this region were the favorite drink of the emperors during the Tang, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Humidity, an abundance of vegetation and high soil quality make ideal conditions for the cultivation of tea. The Da Zhang Shan cooperative’s gardens range in elevation from 980 to 5250 feet and produce rich tasting and flavourful teas that have been certified organic since 1996. In 2001, Da Zhang Shan was also the first Chinese tea cooperative to obtain the Fairtrade certificate.
The Lin’an tea estate is located in Zhejiang province and has been certified organic since 1998. They actively collaborate with the Da Zhang Shan cooperative in the manufacture of Sencha (steamed green tea) as Lin’an owns the necessary equipment. This garden produces high quality teas including Oolong teas with woody and meaty aromas.

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