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Hama Natural | Just Us!

Hama Natural

All varieties of Arabica coffee around the world are descendants of those plants found in Ethiopia. The majority of small farmer in Ethiopia tend tiny farms of an acre or less. This coffee was dried with the coffee cherry fruit and skin still attached to the bean. Just Us! purchased this coffee through the roaster co-op importer, Co-operative Coffees in Montreal.

Roaster's Notes

Short and sweet…that just about sums it up. There’s so much sweetness in this coffee that both roast length and temperature can be minimized.

Flavour Description

Syrupy with notes of strawberry & tangerine with a jasmine finish.

Hama Co-operative, Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Co-op Union (YCFCU)

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Coffees from Yirgacheffee are renowned the world over. The hundreds of heirloom coffee varieties, high altitudes, ideal climatic conditions, and micro-scale farms (most are about 1 acre) leads to some of the most distinct and enjoyable coffees in the world. This natural processed coffee from Hama Co-operative in Kochere district, Ethiopia is no different.

Hama Co-operative became a member of the YCFCU in 2007. This first-level co-op has about 1600 members. The Co-op Union, YCFCU, is very focused on the high quality specialty market and are investing in improved washing and drying stations, transport, traceability, and storage. Hama has increased production from 2 to 7 containers over the past two years. Members of Hama can expect to earn about $1 Canadian for every kilogram of coffee cherries harvested. For a small, one acre plot, this would represent approximately $750-800.

This coffee was purchased through the roaster co-op importer, Co-operative Coffees in Montreal and is not a direct relationship for Just Us! at this time.

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