This coffee is sweet and mellow. One harmonious concoction of naturally processed and washed coffees.

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FAPECAFES is the umbrella orgaization the represents seven different associations in Southern Ecuador that produce coffee, bananas, sugar, and chocolate. Just Us! buys our coffee from one of these seven organizations calle PROCAFEQ. PROCAFEQ is located in a strangely arid microclimate amongst the otherwise very humid and rainy Amazonion mountains in this part of Ecuador. Rain falls very seldom and farmers are forced to actually irrigate their coffee to ensure adequate yields and quality. In the case of coffee leaf rust, it is very beneficial to be in such a dry region, since the disease needs humid air to spread. The lack of regular rainfall however creates much more need for expensive infrastructure or labour to ensure trees get adequate moisture to grow. With little support from government programs for coffee growers in Ecuador, FAPECAFES is almost always in a financially stressed situation. Just Us! is proud to have been buying from this organization for four years now.

SCFCU, Ethiopia

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We do not purchase directly from SCFCU and do not maintain a strong relationship with them. Currently we purchase their coffee from Co-operative Coffees, a co-op of roasters that partner together to buy coffee in larger volumes than they can otherwise support. For more information on SCFCU go to www.coopcoffees.coop/sidama-union/ 

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