A decaf to keep our dark roast fanatics happy. This coffee is roasted well into second crack to impart lots of smokey, cocoa-like notes.

Roaster Says

99.9% Caffeine Free 

Decaffeinated  by the Swiss Water® Process in British Columbia

Flavour Description


COMSA, Honduras

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PANGOA has been an organization for nearly 40 years and has established many social, environmental, and economic programs that demonstrate the benefits of communities working over time to improve the wellbeing of their communities through fair trade. They focus much of their social premiums on family development, education programs, community credit unions, youth programs, and organic production development in all their communities. This is a new relationship for Just Us! and currently their coffee can only be found in our decaffeinated products. We hope to see more of their coffee in the future going through our roasters in Grand Pre.

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