This single origin coffee from HONDURAS is roasted slowly with minimal heat to enhance the characteristic sweetness and fruitiness of natural processed coffees of this style.

The Brewmaster Says:

•Berta Rosaura, a retired secondary school teacher, inherited a coffee farm from her father over 25 years ago.

•This coffee farm has been yielding crops since 1970, and has focused on growing Arabica varieties that are rust resistant.

•Since retiring in 2009, Berta, along with help from her husband and five children, has fully dedicated her time to the farm.

•Environmentally friendly farming practices help ensure that the several species of birds living there thrive.

•Only the highest quality coffee cherries are selected for natural processing. Unlike other coffees, these beans are dried without removing the skin or pulp of the cherry. The coffee is roasted gently to enhance the natural sugars inherent in this processing style.

•COMSA, a leader in promoting organic agriculture, plays a key role in guiding and assisting other fair trade and organic producer co-ops throughout the region.

Flavour Description

rich with notes of pomegranate & hazelnut

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