This single origin coffee from HONDURAS is roasted quickly to first crack, then left to develop for a very short time. This approach highlights the acidity and nuanced flavours of the coffee.

The Brewmaster Says:

  • This coffee was named after the farm Maria Bonita. Maria Bonita means beautiful Maria, and was named to honour Perdo’s mother and grandmother.
  • Pedro Turcios was raised immersed in coffee knowledge passed on from his mother and grandmother, both named Maria.
  • Pedro is a third generation coffee farmer and passionate about his work.
  • Pedro works hard to implement farm practices that are environmently friendly, resulting in high soil fertility and improvement in productivity and quality.
  • The quality process starts from harvesting the coffee cherries at their peak ripening point.
  • The cherries are then placed in barrels with water, so that the damaged and low density coffee will float, making it easier to remove them.
  • After the coffee is depulped, it is left to ferment. Then, the beans are washed and sun dried.
  • COMSA, a leader in promoting organic agriculture, plays a key role in guiding and assisting other fair trade and organic producer co-ops throughout the region.

Flavour Description

juicy with notes of peach & black tea

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