Masala Chai

Experience the authentic buzz which resonates from the remotest corners of Radjasthan to former Pondicherry... Warm and invigorating, this blend of black tea and spices will transport you to bustling streets that will make you feel the hectic pulse of India. If you want to imitate the locals, add milk to your chai...From the furthermost bounds of Rajasthan to the Pondicherry trading posts, that beverage will carry you to the heart of India and its cutoms. 

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Flavour Description

Tonic and warm, that black tea mized to unique spicy flavours is a delight. Traditionally one adds a drop of milk.


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Black tea**, blend of spices 10% (ginger**, cinnamon**, cardamom**, cloves**, black peper**). **From organic and biodynamic farming.
Demeter is the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture.

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