Mocha Java

Two coffee universes collide and complement to create this old-fashioned blend of African and Indonesian coffees.

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OCFCU, Ethiopia

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“To me, Fair Trade means a buying and selling process in which humanitarianism has a big part. It is creating a family relationship between peoples who live on this planet.”

-Tadesse Meskela, General Manager, OCFCU

The Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union started as a result of marginalized Ethiopian coffee farmers, led by Tadesse Meskela, seeking a better price for their coffee. Since 2003, Oromia has grown from 34 founding co-ops to a co-op federation of 217 co-ops. The entire union represents nearly half a million family members. OCFCU has created higher returns for Ethiopian coffee farmers through direct trade relationships with roasters and importers. Using Fair Trade premiums, OCFCU has helped build or upgrade more than 50 schools, 10 health clinics, 80 wells, 8 bridges, and 5 flour mills.

Just Us! works directly with Oromia and imports coffee from the Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Harar regions. Ethiopia is renowned for its distinctive specialty coffees. It is commonly recognized as the birthplace of coffee and still has thousands of wild varieties growing in its forests.

Permata Gayo Co-operative, Sumatra, Indonesia

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The story of Permata Gayo began in 2006 amidst the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and following the 2005 Helsinki peace agreement between the government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement of Aceh Province, North Sumatra.

Fair Trade co-operative organizations in Sumatra are notorious for their lack of democratic process, corruption, and inappropriate use of the Fair Trade social premiums. Permata Gayo is one of the few that are striving for better. When Just Us! visited Sumatra in March 2014 we witnessed participatory democracy in action at the Annual General Assembly, improved transparency within the co-op, as well as the beginnings of some concrete projects like a tree nursery, compost facilities, and improved processing plants coming from the social premiums and partnerships with NGOs. In addition, a food program is in place to ensure ample rice for members during the “lean” months when money is scarce before the next harvest.

Just Us! purchases coffee from Permata Gayo together with Co-operative Coffees, a co-op of 23 coffee roasters from the United States and Canada.

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