A rebelious yet smooth coffee that is roasted to maintain a fresh fruit-like acidity with the layered complexity of roasted nuts.

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KODUKAK Co-op of COOPAC, Rwanda

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Since 2006, a small group of about 250 farm families in Kigeyo region, Rwanda, has been working together collecting, processing, and drying their coffee in order to improve the coffee quality. In 2015, the made the step of formally creating a co-op that is now nearly 1000 members strong. Nearly 40% of the members of KODUKAK are women. This is largely due to the fact that many of their husbands were killed during the Rwandan civil wars. Currently they are a member co-op of the larger, exporting co-op COOPAC, and they specialize in washed heirloom bourbon coffees. We purchase this coffee through Co-operative Coffees which is a co-op of roasters that come together to buy directly in larger volumes. 

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